NWS Extends Tornado Watch in Parts of U.S.

Mississippi Valley at the heart of the supercells.

The National Weather Service has extended warnings of thunderstorm systems bringing tornadoes and hail through a large portion of the southern U.S. A cold front that came down from the Rocky Mountains pushed against warm, moist air flowing north from the Gulf of Mexico to create the severe weather system.

The Weather Service stated that “29 tornado, 40 severe wind, & 33 severe hail reports have been received“ since Tuesday. Two people are known to have died so far.

NWS officials have extended the warnings of large hail, tornados, and straight-line winds for parts of Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas, Indiana, Missouri, and Ohio. The agency stated that persistent supercells and wind shear continue to be a threat.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For NOAA officials as they track the storms and extend the tornado warnings.
  • For Administrator Criswell and FEMA workers as they prepare to assist in the aftermath of the severe weather.
  • For wisdom and strength for first responders as well as state and local leaders in the impacted states.

Sources: Axios, Reuters, NOAA, NY Times


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