Since 2001, God has been faithful and every gift from every member has been important, whether it’s $10, $100, or $1,000.

Each gift is an investment as we strive to fulfill our earthly calling. If God is speaking to your heart and you value the importance of praying for our leaders and country, please give at this time.

UPDATE: As we prepare to begin Pray the Vote 2020 programming in mid-July, the dollar-for-dollar matching challenge has been extended!

A dollar-for-dollar match is available for any generous gift you make. We are hoping to have a heavy portion completed by July 4th and be able to celebrate along with you. Prayerfully consider giving today, as you are able. His plan has brought you to be a part of this ministry for a time such as this. Every dollar helps as we seek to reach more of America, because our country and leaders need PRAYER, now, more than ever!

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