Twenty Years of Prayer

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September 2, 2021

Twenty Years of Prayer

Dear Member,

  Your prayer team turns 20 later this month. Whether you have been with us since the beginning back in 2001 or only recently found us, you have made a commitment to prayer – a legacy of prayer – for our nation and leaders. God’s hand has been upon this ministry and our country and He has touched countless members’ lives throughout the years. Because of His provision, His people joined together all across this nation with a heart to glorify our precious Savior, so that we might be informed and encouraged to pray.

  In these 20 years, together we have prayed diligently for our nation, for 4 sitting presidents and their administrations, for thousands of national and local leaders, and over 10 major election cycles. We have prayed for the country as it has faced numerous difficulties from natural disasters, foreign wars, terrorist attacks, recessions and economic hardship, drug crises, civic unrest, protests and riots, cultural and moral shifts, and most recently, a global pandemic.

  As our nation goes through these ebbs and flows, it also sees leaders change as election cycles come and go. At times, it can be difficult to not become discouraged and we often hear from our members as they express how challenging it is to pray for leaders, especially ones that they may disagree with or, more seriously, the ones that seemingly act against biblical values and moral principles. This summer, with the ongoing pandemic, immigration crisis, and turmoil in Afghanistan, is no exception. We have heard from many of you wrestling with hope and finding it difficult to pray over our nation’s leaders.

  So, when is it okay to not pray for those in authority? The answer: Never. There is never a time to turn away from prayer. God understands our frustrations and fears and He understands the complexities of our lives, and within our hearts. In the midst of troubling times, He promises that, if we lean on Him in prayer, He will renew us.

They who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength. Isaiah 40:31

  The words in Isaiah were written to a nation in captivity and exile in Babylon. They were a people desperate and destitute and at the mercy of an empire with no regard for God. They were a nation shattered and seemingly without hope. Yet God promised to renew them and lift them up. God kept that promise and He restored Israel.

  Later, the apostle Paul wrote to the early church during an equally perplexing time. The sitting king and authorities sought to destroy the church and to kill Christians. Yet Paul called on believers to pray for that king and for those who wished to persecute them. Our mission is based on this calling in 1 Timothy 2. Paul, like Isaiah, understood God’s sovereignty and knew that nothing occurs without His permission. Paul knew that God would be faithful to the church just as He had been to Israel. Let’s keep praying and watch God work.

  Since our founding, the prayer team has followed God’s call to pray for all who are in authority. We have worked diligently to maintain a non-partisan focus on prayer for those in leadership, because God values all people, regardless of politics and policy. As we begin our next 20 years and beyond, we also see a need to lift up our nation as it faces a new set of challenges in areas such as religious freedoms, biblical values, and events and issues that affect the heart of America. To meet this need, starting this fall we will be leaning on our Pray First Network to expand our reach and message to more of America. Pray First will focus on the issues at hand that may be outside the direct purview of our leaders but will hold on to the ultimate goal: To continually encourage you to pray.

  For two decades, America has trusted us with accurate and non-partisan information for prayer and encouragement, and we are renewing our commitment to you to continue strong in our mission to cover America in prayer. Coming September 11th through 18th we are bringing you the 2021 National Week of Prayer and Renewal. Each day of this event we will highlight different groups for prayer. We invite you to join and renew your commitment to prayer with us. Please mark your calendars!

  • 9/11 – Pray for our First Responders
  • 9/12 – Pray for our Active Military and Veterans
  • 9/13 – Pray for our National Leaders (Executive and Judicial)
  • 9/14 – Pray for our Representatives and Local Leaders (Legislative and State)
  • 9/15 – Pray for America’s Religious Freedoms
  • 9/16 – Pray for America’s Churches and their Leaders
  • 9/17 – Pray for the Next Generation of Prayer Warriors in America
  • 9/18 – Pray for your fellow Prayer Team Members and Our Ministry

  Committed with you in prayer,

   Jim Bolthouse

  P.S. Don’t forget to request your copy of the latest edition of the National Leadership Prayer Journal. The Fall quarterly edition starts next month and contains October, November, and December, with daily scripture, leaders, and prayer points.

2021 National Week of Prayer and Renewal

Mark your calendars and join us for a week of prayer, hope, and renewal. You can call now to record your own prayer and it will be aired during the week to encourage other praying members. Add your prayer: 1-844-829-2022 toll-free.


Final volume of 2021 contains OCTOBER, NOVEMBER, and DECEMBER.

2021 Volume 4 Prayer Journal Fall Edition

900 leaders, topical prayer points, leader bios, scripture, and space to write your thoughts and prayers.

Thousands already using volume 3 daily. This is your perfect prayer companion.



Pray the Vote 2022

Special 48 Hours of Prayer
Coming November 7th and 8th

1-844-829-2022 toll-free

Call and record a prayer for the election. Your voice will join others to be aired November 7th and 8th and will be a blessing and encouragement to fellow praying Americans as together we raise the shield of prayer over our nation and the election!
Please do not endorse any candidate.

Listen to this sample recording and pray alongside member DeAnne from Oklahoma.

The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working. – James 5:16



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