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How to Improve Your Prayer Life in an Election Year

Thanks for your rightful emphasis on prayer in and for our nation. My family is politically divided, but I can share this guide with them, and your web page, because regardless of politics, it’s ALL about prayer. God bless!”

Kiren M.

Boise, ID

Pray First

Pray the Vote

Healthcare for We the People

Who is responsible for our wellbeing?

Join us in examining the Healthcare Policies of our nation in issue eleven of thirteen in our ongoing series examining results from the Vital Signs National Faith and Values Study.

I Pray Radio

Pause to Pray is the fastest growing radio prayer feature in America!

Now heard on more than 500 stations nationwide.

This 1-minute feature, written and produced daily, focuses on praying for a specific national leader each day. It is a much-needed call for real-time prayer in the midst of the daily noise of current events.

Pause to Pray is an opportunity for Americans across the country to come together in prayer for our nation’s leaders.

Pause to Pray is one of the many unique and nonpartisan programs developed by The Presidential Prayer Team to engage more Americans in daily prayer at a deeper level.


  • William Hudson, V.A.

    William Hudson is Acting General Counsel at the Department of Veterans Affairs. He oversees the groups that provide legal services related to V.A. programs. We pray that God will guide him in his daily task.


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pray first

Prayer Team Member Essentials

Tools to help you help your daily prayer life and reminders to lift up America and our leaders in prayer.

2020 Fall Edition prayer journal

Prayer Journal: Fall Edition

This 90 page journal is designed to be your daily prayer companion and devotional. Also guides you in prayer over all leaders in top 3 branches of our government.

2020 Membership Kit

Membership Kits

Iconic “We Pray for America” bumper sticker, personalized address labels, magnet, and more!

2020 Pray the Vote Guide

2020 Pray the Vote Guide

Improve your prayer life this election year and stay focused on what really matters. Includes election calendar.


Program Details

  • Segment length :60-seconds
  • Production schedule Daily, 7 days a week
  • Cost to run the feature Free
  • Inventory required in trade None
  • Time of day to air the feature Earlier in day is strongly recommended, as the content is often topical and pertains to in-the-moment events. 
  • Sponsorships The feature may be sponsored by radio station clients.
  • Availability: Direct or via AmbOS

Get Pause to Pray

Run this 1-minute daily feature on your radio station FREE OF CHARGE, with no inventory trade required!

Radio station staff or personnel, click contact us to find out more.

833-321-PRAY (833-321-7729)

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