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Pause to Pray is America’s #1 daily radio prayer feature for our national leaders and officials!

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This 1-minute feature, written and produced daily, focuses on praying for a specific national leader each day. It is a much-needed call for real-time prayer in the midst of the daily noise of current events.

Pause to Pray is an opportunity for Americans across the country to come together in prayer for our nation’s leaders.

Pause to Pray is one of the many unique and nonpartisan programs developed by The Presidential Prayer Team to engage more Americans in daily prayer at a deeper level.


  • Gentry Smith, Assistant Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security

    Gentry Smith is Assistant Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security. His office provides a safe and secure environment for the conduct of U.S. foreign policy throughout the world. We pray that God will guide him as he helps in the secure administration of foreign policy.

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How to Improve Your Prayer Life in an Election Year

pray the vote prayer guide 2020

Thanks for your rightful emphasis on prayer in and for our nation. My family is politically divided, but I can share this guide with them, and your web page, because regardless of politics, it’s ALL about prayer. God bless!”

Kiren M.

Boise, ID


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Prayer Team Member Essentials

Tools to help in your daily prayer life with encouragement to lift up America and our leaders in prayer.

Official Prayer Guide

The National Day of Prayer is May 4, 2023, and you can be prepared with this official 2023 prayer guide! This is a must have for small groups, churches, and for family prayer time.

2023 Spring Edition Prayer Journal

Spring Edition Prayer Journal

Volume 2 includes April, May, and June in prayer.

  • daily scripture
  • weekly prayers
  • 600+ named leaders
  • increased space to write
  • companion to web guide

I Pray RadioOur gift to you this holiday as we remember the true reason for the season with sacred and traditional Christmas music. LISTEN NOW!

As we lift up the federal government of United States of America, each day we will highlight one elected or appointed federal official serving in office. Pray with us for each of them as they tackle their unique responsibilities and fulfill their oaths of office.


  • Major General Heath Collins, Executive Officer, Missile Defense Agency
    • Major General Heath Collins, Executive Officer, Missile Defense Agency

      Major General Heath Collins, Executive Officer, Missile Defense Agency

      • Born – 1971
      • Education – B.S., Clarkson University; M.S., Florida State University; M.S., Industrial College of the Armed Forces
      • Military Service – U.S. Air Force
      • Profession – Air Force officer
      • Political Experience – Armament Directorate of USAF Lifecycle Management Center
      • In office since – 2022
      • Family – Undisclosed
      • Religious Affiliation – Undisclosed



  • Segment length :60-seconds
  • Production schedule Daily, 7 days a week
  • Cost to run the feature Free
  • Inventory required in trade None
  • Feature airtime At the discretion of the radio station. 
  • Sponsorships The feature may be sponsored by radio station clients.
  • Availability: Direct or via Amb-OS

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