Anne McAndrew, Chief Financial Officer

Anne McAndrew is Chief Financial Officer in the Comptroller’s Office of the Undersecretary of Defense. She oversees our nation’s  $700 billion defense budget. We pray that God will guide her…

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Lopa P. Kolluri, Office of Housing

Lopa P. Kolluri is Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Housing. Her office is responsible for policies, programs, and operations supporting homebuyers and homeowners in the…

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J. Steven Binkley, Office of Science

J. Steven Binkley is Principal Deputy Director in the Office of Science. He determines the financial and personnel resources needed to achieve and support mission objectives. We pray…

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Stephanie Pollack, Federal Highway Administration

Stephanie Pollack is Acting Administrator of the Federal Highway Administration. Her office specializes in transportation issues on America’s highways. We pray that God will guide her in her daily task.

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President Joe Biden

President Joe Biden is responsible for the prosperity, well-being, and security of our country, while representing freedom and democracy on the world stage. We pray that God will…

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