Limited time offering of 4 uniquely themed prayer bundles! Each theme is designed to enhance your prayer life or the prayer life of a friend or family member. Whichever you choose, you’ll receive valuable pieces of the prayer team’s history and contribute toward sustaining our future.

There is a themed prayer bundle for Men, Women, and Grandparents, with each containing 2 unique books, all with the focus of prayer. Many of the books are no longer in print and only available here!

  • For Men: Firestorms of Revival and The Battle Plan for Prayer
  • For Women: Prayer, Power & Petticoats and Powerful Prayers for Troubled Times
  • For Grandparents: A Grandparent’s Prayer Journal: Lifting My Grandchildren to the Throne of Grace and Prayers That Avail Much

Along with two books, each of these bundles include:

  • 15th-year Prayer Team Commemorative Coin
  • Membership Magnet
  • “We Pray for America” Bumper Sticker
  • “Prayer Happens Here” Window Decal
  • Prayer Team Seal Sticker

The Prayer Coin Collector Bundle comes with 4 exclusive coins made for the prayer team over its 22-year history. They can be proudly displayed or carried in a pocket or purse to remind you, each time you see and touch it, to take a moment to pray.

  • 1st-year Prayer Team Commemorative Coin
  • 15th-year Prayer Team Commemorative Coin
  • Liberty Bell Coin
  • Rare, Silver-plated Prayer Coin
  • Commemorative card
  • One custom display stand (while supplies last)

Request any prayer bundle for a suggested gift of $30.00 or more. Mailing costs for each bundle are between $5.00 and $8.00 alone. Any additional gift goes to the ministry for operational costs. All gifts are tax deductible.

Select the amount that you would like to donate, and then select the prayer bundle that you would like to receive. Thank you for your support and generosity!

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