Senator Roger Marshall, Kansas

Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas is the state’s junior Senator, and a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives. We pray that God will guide Senator Marshall…

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Full Senate Receives Briefing on Downed “Objects” 

Most call for greater transparency.  In the last nine days, four “objects” have been shot out of the sky by U.S. missiles. The full Senate received a classified…

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Senate Responds to Mexico Ban of GMO Corn

Agriculture committee members call for enforcement of USMCA. Every five years, Congress passes the farm bill that sets America’s standards for agriculture, nutrition, forestry, and conservation. The Senate…

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Legislators Urge Pentagon to Pay Troops Who Refused Vax

Defense secretary has said service records would be updated. The National Defense Authorization Act for 2023 signed by President Biden includes a provision that repealed the nation’s military…

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Legislation Would Block Citizenship for Dependent Illegals

New rule would cut migrant benefits.  Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas proposed a resolution that would prohibit illegal immigrants from becoming citizens if they depend on taxpayer-funded benefits. The…

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Senate Votes to End COVID-19 Emergency

The federal health department had already issued an extension. In a bipartisan vote, the Senate voted this week to end the COVID-19 pandemic emergency. The Department of Health…

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