President Seeks Continued Cooperation with France

Mutual communications are scheduled for the rest of the year. President Joe Biden spoke to French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday to go over a variety of topics.…

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Congress Ratifies Electoral College Results

President Trump pledges peaceful transition of power. In proceedings that were interrupted by demonstrators overrunning the Capitol security, the joint session of Congress shortly before 4 a.m. on…

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Governor Newsom Selects Harris Senate Replacement

California’s secretary of state tapped for seat Kamala Harris would vacate. In a statement released this past week, California Governor Gavin Newsom said he has selected Alex Padilla,…

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Vice Presidential Candidates Meet in Debate

Both urged Americans to get out and vote as they discussed key election issues. Striking a calmer tone than the presidential candidates did a week ago, Vice President…

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VP Candidates Prepare for Upcoming Debate

Topic of succession increases in focus after President Trump’s stay at the hospital.  Questions about what would happen in the case of either of the presidential candidates being…

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Kamala Harris Accepts Nomination for Vice President

She promises to champion voiceless and forgotten Americans as the Democratic running mate. Senator Kamala Harris of California accepted the nomination to be Joe Biden’s running mate at…

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