State Department Official Discusses Hamas Hostages

He says that the terror group may continue to hold hostages so they do not report what has been done to them. State Department Spokesman Matthew Miller said…

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FBI Records Fewer Murders, More Theft in 2022

The agency compiled data submitted by over 13,000 law enforcement agencies. The Federal Bureau of Intelligence (FBI) recently released annual data on criminal offenses in America for 2022,…

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State Department Responds to Sudanese Army Atrocities

Joins Norway and UK in a joint statement against race-based violence. The Department of State voiced the United States’ condemnation of the ongoing extreme violence in Darfur in…

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Supreme Court Hears Two Cases

Cases deal with rape prosecution in the military and bankruptcy law.  On Tuesday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the cases of The United States v. Briggs…

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