Senator Rubio Warns Venezuela to Turn Back Iranian Ships

Warships are believed to be carrying weapons. Florida Senator Marco Rubio, citing a report than an Iranian warship is trying to deliver attack boats to Venezuela, said that…

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U.S. Imposes Sanctions Against Argentina

The tech company provided Maduro with election machines. Argentinian-owned tech company Ex-Cle created and supplied the Venezualen Maduro government with the voting machines used in what was considered…

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Justice Department Indicts Nicolas Maduro

Cites the Venezuelan leader on narcoterrorism charges.  Justice Department announced on Thursday that it had brought charges against current Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro for converting Venezuela into a…

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Venezuelan Regime Looks to Lobby in Washington

Incumbent Nicolas Maduro enlists lawyers to help speak against U.S. sanctions  In its second attempt to bring lobbying to the U.S. government, the administration of Venezuelan president Nicolás…

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