Venezuelan Regime Looks to Lobby in Washington

Incumbent Nicolas Maduro enlists lawyers to help speak against U.S. sanctions

 In its second attempt to bring lobbying to the U.S. government, the administration of Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro hired D.C. lawyer Bob Amsterdam to present a case against U.S. sanctions of the Venezuelan government. Maduro’s first attempt to hire U.S. lawyers fell through after many of the previous firm’s colleagues protested mightily against accepting the offer of a “brutal regime.”

The Venezuelan administration under Maduro has been condemned by the United Nations for controlling their population with intense fear in order to maintain power. The administration has also prevented those of the opposite political party from submitting laws and holding office, and many have gone into exile to escape persecution. Many in D.C. have critiqued Bob Amsterdam for choosing to assist the Venezuelan administration, but Amsterdam stated; “I don’t like it when people are denied representation.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For President Trump as he continues to oppose totalitarian regimes.
  • That U.S. relations with Venezuela would be being both peace and justice.
  • That laws set in place would work to represent all issues fairly.

Sources: AP, BBC News


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