August 10 – Our Economy: Inflation

OUR ECONOMY: The rising cost of living.

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August 9 – Our Government: President, Vice President, & Cabinet

OUR GOVERNMENT: Executive Power

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August 8 – Our Elections: Working for Integrity

OUR ELECTIONS: Seeking Integrity Amid Security Concerns

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August 7 – Our Churches: Post-Pandemic Apathy

OUR CHURCHES: Did the Pandemic Create Apathy in America’s Churches?

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August 6 – Communities: Homelessness

OUR COMMUNITIES: Homelessness in America

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August 5 – Families: Fatherlessness

OUR FAMILIES: Fatherlessness is an American Tragedy

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Vital Sign Religious Freedom

August 4 – Freedoms: First Amendment

OUR FREEDOMS: America’s First Amendment

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August 3 – Economy: Employment since the pandemic

OUR ECONOMY: Post Pandemic, is Employment Returning?

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August 2 – Government: Balance

OUR GOVERNMENT: “The Constitution and the Balance of Power”

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IPR IPrayRadio I Pray Radio

August 1 – Pray 7: Introduction

Headlines confront you every day:  Another mass shooting, prices going up at the pump, deep divisions in the Supreme Court,  challenges to religious freedom, families crushed by food…

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