Bible is a Lamp

Are you letting the light of God’s truth shine in the deep recesses of your life?

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Immigration Policies

In little more than a decade, immigration will change the nation’s population size, race-ethnic make-up, its age structure, and its future.

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Tuesday, September 1

President Trump will travel to Wisconsin today to survey the damage done to property in recent days by rioters in the wake of the shooting of Jacob Blake…

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Be Discerning

Dark times distort judgment. Psalm 116:11 – I said in my alarm, ‘All mankind are liars.’ How often have you been guilty of the “I always…you never” comment? …

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FEMA Provides Grants to States

23 states are already approved for Lost Wage assistance. Under the Stafford Act, President Trump has authorized the Federal Emergency Management Agency to expend up to $44 billion…

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