Pentagon Hires New AI Chief

He will bring modernization to Department of Defense. 

The Pentagon announced this week that Craig Martell has been hired to advance the defense department’s digital technology and artificial intelligence. He comes with a high level of experience in AI, working at Lyft, Dropbox, and LinkedIn. 

Mr. Martell said, “It’s not my goal to come in here and change the culture of the DOD. It’s my goal to demonstrate that with the right cultural changes, we can have really big impact.” 

“Advances in AI and machine learning are critical to delivering the capabilities we need to address key challenges both today and into the future,” said Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks. “With Craig’s appointment, we hope to see the department increase the speed at which we develop and field advances in AI, data analytics, and machine-learning technology. He brings cutting-edge industry experience to apply to our unique mission set.” 

Chief Martell’s responsibilities will include work on “algorithmic warfare,” an under-defined concept that seeks to apply artificial intelligence to combat. 

“For me, whenever there are lives on the line, humans should be in the loop,” the new chief said, adding the Pentagon needed to have robust ethical guidelines for the use of artificial intelligence in warfare and to ensure that machines would be 99.999% correct before any were deployed. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For wisdom for Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Officer Martell as he assumes his new duties.
  • For the leaders in the Pentagon as they seek to utilize AI and digital technological advancements.

Sources: Bloomberg News, Newsmax


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