Issue 632 – National Prayer Needs

Additional National Prayer Needs

Pray for America’s Elections

A voting systems expert testified at a trial in Georgia last week that Dominion voting machines are easily hacked. The expert said it was easy to use a smart card to copy, edit, and change records and votes. Georgia election officials have denied any issues with the Dominion Voting Systems. 

Pray for election officials and others who seek to have same-day, in-person voting using paper ballots nationwide. 

Pray for America’s Military

According to numbers from the Pentagon, America’s military involvement in the Middle East since October 7 has cost $1.6 billion, which includes sending warships, fighter jets, and other equipment, and maintaining them while in the region, plus personnel. The number does not include the cost of missiles being used to strike Yemen, downed drones, or other artillery used in the Red Sea. The Pentagon reports that it does not have the funds needed for such a buildup. 

Pray for Congressional appropriators who will consider the costs of building up the U.S. military in the Middle East. 


High-ranking defense ministry officials in Ukraine say they have uncovered a scheme to embezzle money meant for weapons, with some $40 million intended for the purchase of mortars being diverted to accounts in the Balkans. The supplier of the mortar shells said it “did not send a single artillery shell“ to Ukraine. 

Pray for U.S. legislators and other officials to conduct an audit of the funding provided to Ukraine by U.S. taxpayers for its defense against Russia. 


A bipartisan Congressional delegation visited Taiwan last week in a show of American support, the first U.S. trip by legislators since the January 13 Taiwanese election. Representative Mario Diaz Balart of Florida said, “The support of the United States for Taiwan is firm. It’s real, and it is 100% bipartisan.” 

Pray for members of Congress and President Biden as there is an apparent difference of opinion regarding American support of Taiwan’s independence. 


The United Nations’ International Court of Justice ordered that more be done by Israel to prevent civilian casualties in Gaza. It stopped short of calling for a ceasefire, as had been called for in a case brought against Israel by South Africa, nor did it address the allegations of genocide. 

Pray for the leaders of Israel and their commitment to international law while they pursue “every measure” necessary to totally defeat Hamas. 


Freddie Mac’s latest report shows mortgage rates on the increase again, to somewhere in the mid-six percent range. Housing prices also continue to rise, making housing market affordability difficult.   

Pray for American families and individuals as they face increasing costs for housing. 

Pray for Needs Across the States

Governor Kim Reynolds of Iowa introduced legislation to ban the state from investing in firms that “elevate social issues over financial returns.” No additional details were made available by her office. 

Legislation introduced in Tennessee would classify images produced by AI that purport to show the “private parts” of a person as an offense of unlawful exposure. The bill is intended to protect children and others from image and likeness distortion by the wrongful use of artificial intelligence. 

Pray for state officials and legislatures as they deal with new technologies and ideologies. 

Pray for America’s Faith Community

“I know journaling is not a new concept, but if you are anything like me and you struggle to stay focused when you are wanting to spend time with Jesus, this may be the answer that really enriches your walk with Him. As David wrote [in Psalm 62:7-8]… my hope is that you will learn to pour out your heart before Him, because He is a refuge for us.“ – Pastor Ryan Heath, Scottsdale Bible Church, January 2023 

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