President Ends Covid National Emergency

He signed the congressional resolution that brings pandemic powers to a close.

President Joe Biden signed the bipartisan congressional resolution Monday to end the U.S. national emergency for COVID-19 response. Both houses of Congress had passed the measure that halts the government’s broad allowance to respond to the pandemic.

While the public health emergency is set to expire May 11, other measures still in play under the national emergency are being phased out. Telehealth allowances that were introduced during the pandemic were given a two-year extension by legislators last year.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the president as he considers the legislation passed by Congress.
  • For the House speaker as he oversees the legislative business of his chamber.
  • For the majority leader in the Senate as he determines when to bring bills to the floor for a vote.

Sources: NPR, White House


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