Justice Department Investigating Intelligence Leak 

U.S. intelligence documents apparently leaked from Pentagon. 

The Department of Justice has opened an investigation into the apparent leak of dozens of classified documents from the Defense Department, some of which reveal deals of American spying on Russia in its war with Ukraine, along with secret assessments of the combat power of the Ukrainian army.  The intelligence has reportedly been gathered from American allies, including South Korea and Israel. Some of the more than 50 leaked documents bear the label “Top Secret,” the highest form of intelligence classification. 

The Pentagon is conducting its own review, even to the extent of assessing the validity of the leaked information. 

“Over the weekend, U.S. officials have engaged with Allies and partners and have informed relevant congressional committees of jurisdiction about the disclosures,” a deputy Pentagon press secretary said. The Pentagon said its “highest priority is the defense of our nation and our national security. We have referred this matter to the Department of Justice, which has opened a criminal investigation.” 

In its criminal investigation, the Justice Department is said to be “scrambling” to find the source of the leak. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Justice Department investigators to quickly determine the source and extent of the leak.
  • For Pentagon officials as they review the validity of the lead and the exposure of top secret info.
  • For Attorney General Garland and Defense Secretary Austin as their departments work together to ensure national security.

Sources: Axios, ABC News, NBC News


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