Defense Agency to Provide Daily Rations to FEMA

Troop support meals for disaster survivors is estimated to save millions. The Defense Logistics Agency’s (DLA) Troop Support has developed the Survivor Daily Ration (SDR) to provide a…

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President Ends Covid National Emergency

He signed the congressional resolution that brings pandemic powers to a close. President Joe Biden signed the bipartisan congressional resolution Monday to end the U.S. national emergency for…

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Supreme Court Hears Appeal for Biden Student Loan Cancellation

Skeptical justices point to major questions doctrine. The Supreme Court heard arguments for the appeal from President Biden’s administration to reconsider the legality of President Joe Biden’s plan…

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Study Shows Masking Made Little Difference in Pandemic

A new study finds not even a “modest intervention.” In a peer-reviewed study by the Cochrane Database Systemic Reviews, international researchers found that masks and other physical interventions…

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Texas Governor Appeals Federal Emergency Denial

Border crisis management is the federal government’s job, Governor Abbott says.  Texas Governor Greg Abbott requested a federal emergency declaration for the Southern Border immigration crisis on September…

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Michigan Dams Rupture, Thousands Evacuate

Breaches caused by several days of heavy rain. Severe flooding struck central Michigan Wednesday after two dams were breached by rain-swollen waters, forcing the evacuation of around a…

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