Issue 517 – Verse of the Week

November 18th – November 24th, 2021


More to be desired are they than gold, even much fine gold.   Psalm 19:10


The American gold rush of 1849 supposedly began when one miner shouted to his friends, “Eureka!” — which means “I have found it.” Archimedes, a Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, and inventor of the 3rd century B.C., is said to have exclaimed “Eureka” when he discovered the way to test the purity of gold. Sir Walter Scott was a Scottish novelist, historian, poet, and playwright of the 19th century. He once said, “The most learned, acute, and diligent student cannot, in the biggest life, obtain an entire knowledge of the Bible. The more deeply he works the mine, the richer and more abundant he finds the ore.” When you approach your Bible studies, are you finding “Eureka!” moments? Times when God shows you something new and exciting? If not, try “mining” the Scriptures a little deeper. Numbers of helpful resources are available. Be discerning in the ones you select, then allow those tools to help you explore the Word of God, which is more desirable than gold. 

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