Issue 512 – National Prayer Needs

Additional National Prayer Needs

Pray for our Military

The U.S. in partnership with Raytheon Technologies successfully launched a hypersonic weapon, opening an opportunity for more effective military operations. The hypersonic speed was five times faster than the speed of sound, the report from DARPA said. 

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley said that U.S. and Russian military forces should increase their communications to help prevent a possible future conflict between Washington and Moscow. “In times of crisis [military-to-military communication] can become a very important means in order to de-escalate any kind of crisis situation,” he said. 

Pray for discernment for military leaders and advisors as they provide recommendations to the president and his administration. 


Tennessee high school football players and their parents did not comply after the school board told teachers and coaches they could no longer lead students in prayer during or after games. Teams and parents continued to engage in several post-game prayers. The school district relented and acknowledged “the importance of prayer in the lives of our students, faculty, and staff members” and said they “support the right of students to participate in and lead spontaneous prayers.“ The district continued, “That right is and will continue to be protected.” 

Pray for students and parents who gather after school games to offer up prayers despite opposition. 


The Kremlin warned that any expansion of NATO military infrastructure in Ukraine would cross one of President Vladimir Putin’s “red lines,” and Belarus said it had agreed to take action with Moscow to counter growing NATO activity. 

President Xi reiterated the Chinese Communist Party’s desire to “peacefully” reunify with Taiwan. Despite the island nation governing itself independently since 1949, Beijing has persisted in identifying Taiwan as part of its sovereign territory. China has flown warplanes through Taiwanese air space several times in recent weeks, prompting warnings from Taipei.

Pray for U.S. diplomats and officials seeking peaceful solutions with adversarial nations. 


According to The Harris Poll, nearly one in five Americans say they have been drinking heavily during the pandemic. The survey defined “heavy drinking” as having two days a week where a woman drank more than four drinks or a man drank more than five. The findings showed around 17 percent of participants drank heavily in previous the 30 days. 

Pray for U.S. citizens to turn to the Lord in their times of distress instead of relying on substances for comfort.


Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said the Abraham Accord countries are helping Israel forge diplomatic relations with more states in the region. They are “a great process in the region and outside the region, and we are hopeful that we can expand this to other countries as well,” he said. 

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said that Iran had crossed “all the red lines” in its nuclear program and vowed that Israel would not allow Tehran to acquire a nuclear weapon. He told the UN General Assembly that Iran seeks to dominate the Middle East under a “nuclear umbrella” and urged a more concerted international effort to halt Iran’s nuclear activities. 

Pray for officials seeking to address the ongoing threats against Israel that come from Iran, and give thanks for relationships forged under the Abraham Accords. 


Pending home sales across the U.S. showed an increase at the end of summer with new contracts on home purchases rising by 8.1 percent, a rebound following several consecutive months of decline. Year over year still indicates an overall decline in home sales, despite low-interest rates. 

Federal Reserve Chairman Powell and other members of the Fed have been using the term “transitory” to downplay the threat that the last 16 months of skyrocketing inflation would last. But inflation has been sharply on the rise since March 2020, with only a minor pause toward the end of 2020, before rising even more sharply since January 2021. Economic analyst Peter Reagan says, “the inflation train is still gaining speed,” reaching a year-over-year rate of 8.3 percent, the metric’s highest level since at least 2010. 

Pray for leaders and officials seeking to strengthen the supply chain and for those looking to resolve shortages in various industries. 

Pray for Justice in America

Parents in California are suing to prevent the state’s public school system from reciting prayers to Aztec deities, stating that doing so violates the U.S. and state constitutions. One attorney said, “Our clients are not opposed to having students learn about different cultures and religions, including the practices of the Aztecs. But the California State Board of Education’s approved Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum goes far beyond that by directing students to pray to Aztec deities. This portion of the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum is not only offensive, but blatantly unconstitutional.” 

Pray for state and local schools leaders to abide by the protections of religious freedom provided in federal and state laws. Pray for the parents who stand up against ungodly practices. 

Pray for Goodness in America

A group of “violence interrupters” in Minneapolis decided to pull up a lawn chair during a movement called the 21 Days of Peace. In some of the most dangerous neighborhoods, community and church members seated themselves on street corners, saying that the “tough on crime” stance is not as effective as the community involvement. Statistics from law enforcement show that the movement successfully lowered homicides and other violent crimes. “We draw on the power of congregation—of family, of friends, and of community to try to interrupt the violence. And our faith gives us the courage to put ourselves in harm’s way,” the group stated.

Pray for those who are standing in the gap for young people in inner cities and communities. 

Pray for America’s Education

A survey of the top 150 colleges in the U.S. found that nearly 25 percent of students said it is acceptable to use violence to shut down a controversial speaker. The number jumps to nearly 50 percent at several elite women’s colleges.   According to the survey, Claremont-McKenna College ranks best for free speech, DePauw University ranks the worst. 

Legislation introduced by Representative Bob Good of Virginia would make teaching critical race theory “or anything resembling it by any other name” in federally funded schools a civil rights violation. In introducing the Protecting Students Civil Rights Act, he said that CRT “is judging students by their race, it’s saying that their face determines their future, so we’re trying to put a stop to that.” 

Pray for higher education officials as they face declining academic excellence among America’s colleges and universities. 

Pray for America’s Technology

Facebook said it will ask its independent Oversight Board for recommendations on how to improve its cross-check system, an internal program the social media company says is used to double-check enforcement actions against certain users. 

The Federal Aviation Administration said it plans to deploy a new software capability to reduce taxi times and ramp congestion for flights at 27 major American airports. The FAA said greater efficiency at airports could save more than 7 million gallons of jet fuel each year, eliminating more than 75,000 tons of CO2 emissions. 

Pray for FAA personnel as they roll out new software program and that it would actually benefits passengers as well the environment. 

Pray for Needs Across the States

The Arkansas House has approved a bill that lets employees out of federal vaccine requirements. During the committee phase, testimony from business and medical leaders said it was not scientifically sound and could harm people’s health and the state’s economy. The bill also aims to secure unemployment benefits to any Arkansan who loses a job over lack of compliance with a vaccine requirement. 

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont put his state’s National Guard on alert, telling them to plan on active deployments to replace state workers he is set to cut from the payroll for refusing to comply with his COVID-19 vaccine mandate. 

Pray for state officials as they address issues surrounding vaccine mandates. 

Pray for America’s Faith Community

During this time of national and global upheaval, we may wonder where God is in all the chaos. How is He moving in the Church in other parts of our world today? How is the Global Body of Christ “dying” and bearing much fruit? Did you know that Afghanistan, by some reports, “has the second-fastest-growing church by percentage in the world?” Want to know where the fastest growing church is? Iran. The Afghan Church is growing because Iranians are the ones reaching out to them! Talk about being willing to follow Jesus at an extremely high cost… God the Father will honor those who serve him. That’s our payoff. … Be encouraged, brothers and sisters. Keep walking after Jesus. It is worth it; His promise is waiting for you! It is worth giving our lives for… Jesus is worth it. –  Ethan Collins, Pastor of Global Outreach, Scottsdale Bible Church, September 2021 

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