First Lady Encourages Focus on the Next Generation

Expresses disappointment in media ignoring Be Best efforts for children.

First Lady Melania Trump released a statement from the White House on Friday encouraging a focus on equipping the next generation. She stated, “One of the most honorable and important roles I have ever undertaken has been serving you, the American people, as the First Lady of this country. When I thought about where I wanted to put my time and efforts, there was no hesitation. BE BEST has one simple purpose—to help children. It serves to provide the tools children need to prepare them for their futures.”

The first lady continued, “I would say to my team, our supporters, and to all those out there on the frontlines in our communities every day—remember what we are all about and what we are trying to accomplish together. I would remind the media that they have the choice of focusing on our next generation. As a country, we cannot continue to get lost in the noise of negativity and encourage ambition by those who seek only to promote themselves.”

She concluded, “Thank you to all who have given us support. Thank you for your tireless efforts and for your love of this country.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For First Lady Melania Trump as she seeks to improve American children’s futures.
  • That the Be Best campaign would succeed in advocating for children’s interests.
  • For President Trump as he strategizes for the future of the nation.

Sources: The White House


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