President Signs Hire American Executive Order

He wants to ensure that Americans have a fair chance at employment.

President Trump met with tech workers on Monday before signing an executive order to prioritize hiring Americans amid the nation’s growing coronavirus-economic crisis.

His order barred federal agencies from dismissing U.S. citizens or green card holders and replacing them with foreign workers. The order increases scrutiny of federal contractors’ use of H-1B visas to bring in temporary foreign labor for jobs rather than relying on American workers.

The president’s action was prompted by the federally-owned Tennessee Valley Authority’s announcement in June that it is laying off 62 information technology workers as the federal power agency outsources data and programming work. Particularly in view of the current economy, President Trump called the TVA CEO’s decision “disastrous and heartless.”

President Trump’s new executive order will also prompt a study to determine how many federal jobs are currently being held by foreign visa holders. Changes to the H-1B visa program may be announced in coming weeks.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For President Trump, Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia, and others who work on the nation’s job market.
  • For the president and those serving him as they seek ways to stimulate the economy during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
  • For clarity for the president and national leaders as they work to protect national security and address the concerns of outsourcing data.

Sources: PBS, Bloomberg News


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