Scientists Offer Hopeful News on Vaccine

COVID-19 not mutating as many influenza viruses do.

Dr. Jeanette Nesheiwat, a regular television commentator on the coronavirus, said scientists who have examined the genetic code of the virus have discovered evidence that it does not mutate in the same manner as influenza, giving hope that it would require only one vaccine.

“The current COVID-19, it’s not changing in such a manner that we have to have a new vaccine every year. The vaccine that they’re currently working on now, in which the trials have already started, the first scoop of patients already received their first dose. They’re going to receive their second dose on day 28.” The trials will prove to scientists whether it is “successful” and “effective,” and would alleviate the worry that the vaccine would fail. “It’s very reassuring, it does give us hope in addition to the current medications that are under trial,” she said.

Professor Stefano Menzo, head of virology at Ancoma University Hospital, said the COVID-19 virus appears to “have very stable RNA.” He added, “A virus with a stable genome is good news for vaccine development because it indicates that the effectiveness of vaccines could be more consistent, possibly over many years.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • With thanksgiving for every ray of hope that comes out of science for a potential vaccine against the coronavirus.
  • For God to continue to give wisdom and insight to researchers and others who are seeking out and testing possible vaccines and treatments.

Sources: Fox News


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