USDA Updates “Organic” Label Regulations

This marks the largest update to food labels since the legislation was introduced in 1990. The Department of Agriculture (USDA) updated its regulations for foods labeled as “organic”…

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President Announces New Stimulus for Farmers

Dramatic action totals $19 billion. Speaking from the White House earlier in the week, President Trump announced a new round of stimulus funds totaling $19 billion for American…

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Ivanka Trump, USDA Launch Fresh Box Program

Initiative connects surplus items to food banks, others. Ivanka Trump joined Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue and Maryland Governor Larry Hogan to launch a $3 billion initiative intended to…

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Meat for U.S. Down, Exported to China Up

Difficult outcome being made worse, Connecticut representative says. Last week, President Trump ordered some meat processing plans to stay open to protect the nation’s food supply. Yet the…

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President Asks for Investigation of Meat Packers

Justice Department will look at antitrust allegations. President Trump asked the Justice Department to look into allegations that meat packers in the U.S. may have broken antitrust laws…

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