President Asks for Investigation of Meat Packers

Justice Department will look at antitrust allegations.

President Trump asked the Justice Department to look into allegations that meat packers in the U.S. may have broken antitrust laws because the prices paid to farmers and ranchers has declined even as meat prices have risen. “It shouldn’t be happening that way and we want to protect our farmers,” he said.

The president issued an executive order last week labeling meat-packing plants “critical infrastructure” that must stay open. Yet the supply shortage continues, and retailers like Costco and Kroger are limiting meat purchases while Wendy’s announced it would focus on marketing chicken having taken its signature “fresh” hamburgers off the menu at some restaurants.

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said that meat-packing plants have closed because of coronavirus outbreaks, but that they would be back into full operation in a week to ten days. 

The USDA is also looking into shortages and prices.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For workforces at meat-packing plants and other processors who are facing stoppages and business closures due to the pandemic.
  • About the “critical infrastructure” nature of all forms of agriculture, and the importance of keeping America fed and at appropriate prices.
  • For the personnel at the Department of Justice and USDA who will be conducting investigations into potential antitrust violations and food shortages.

Sources: AGWeb, Des Moines Register


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