HHS Recommends Easing Marijuana Restrictions

Recommendation prompts the DEA to conduct a final review for reschedulization. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has announced that the department recommends the reclassification of…

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President Announces Marijuana Conviction Pardons

President Joe Biden is pardoning people with federal convictions for marijuana possession, including those convicted under Washington, D.C. law. “I’m announcing a pardon of all prior federal offenses…

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CBP Seizes Hundreds of Thousands More Fentanyl Pills

A portion of the smuggled pills look like candy. Customs and Border Protection officers in Arizona found thousands of rainbow-colored fentanyl pills smugglers tried to bring into the…

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Marijuana Legislation Enters House Floor This Week

 The second time legalization bill has been proposed. A bill to remove marijuana from the list of federal controlled substances will be taken up on the House floor…

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