Issue 642 – National Prayer Needs

Additional National Prayer Needs

Pray for America’s Military

Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall told the Senate Armed Forces Committee that he and another pilot will be evaluating the performance of an F-16 that has been converted to drone flight by riding in the cockpit. He said they will watch the autonomous technology at work and “hopefully neither he or I will be needed to fly the airplane.”

Pray that the secretaries and commanders of the U.S. military service branches will be discerning in their use of artificial intelligence.


U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron in Washington, D.C., to discuss additional support for Ukraine. Secretary Blinken said, “The overwhelming majority of the resources in the supplemental budget request will actually be invested right here in the United States“ in the defense industrial base.

Pray for officials in the president’s administration and for members of Congress as they continue to negotiate further aid to Ukraine.


As Hamas has continued to turn down cease-fire and hostage-release proposals, some have questioned how many hostages still survive after six months in the terrorist groups’ custody. The most recent proposal would include a six-week cease-fire and a swap of 40 hostages for 700 Palestinians who are in Israeli prisons.

Pray for President Biden and his administration to be prudent as they provide input to Israel in the war against Hamas.


The Office of the Inspector General within the Department of Health and Human Services reported that Medicare and Medicaid have a shortage of mental health care providers. The report shows less than five active providers for every 1,000 enrollees.

Pray for U.S. health officials as they assess the mental health needs of those who receive Medicare and Medicaid coverage. Pray for Americans to turn toward the Lord for hope and peace.


Some economists estimate that tourism spending to visit the states in the “path of totality” of the solar eclipse could reach from $1 to $6 billion. The Perryman Group said, “While the eclipse [was] a one-day event, many areas are hoping that the influx of visitors from across the nation and beyond will lead to lasting benefits.”

Pray for U.S. economic officials and advisors as they evaluate and provide recommendations to the president and members of Congress.

Pray for Needs Across the States

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin vetoed several legislative proposals recently, including one measure that would have increased the state’s minimum wage and another that sought to establish a retail market for cannabis.

The Missouri Senate has approved an amendment that prohibits those who are not U.S. citizens from voting. The amendment would also ban ranked-choice voting. If the state house passes the amendment,

Pray for state officials as they evaluate available options to address concerns within their states.

Pray for America’s Faith Community

“The resurrection of Jesus changed everything. It literally split history into A.D. and B.C. It’s the most important event in human history. And it proves three things. First, the resurrection proves that Jesus is exactly who he claimed to be. ... Second, the resurrection proves that Jesus keeps his promises. … Third, the resurrection proves that there is life after death. Where else are you going to get a promise like that? Nowhere! Who else can give that to you? No one! If you don’t get it from Jesus, you won’t have it. That is an amazing benefit, and it’s available to you today. What’s the qualification? You must believe.“ – Pastor Rick Warren, March 2024

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