DoD Issues Final Plans for Implementation of Zero Trust Cybersecurity

35 full-time staff refined 39 drafts in “tremendous effort.”

The Department of Defense (DoD) chief information officer released the finalized plan to implement zero-trust cybersecurity for all defense agencies. Randy Resnick, the director of the Zero Trust Portfolio Management Office, spoke at the DoD’s Zero Trust Symposium on the challenges of integrating 39 proposed drafts from various military services into one implementation plan.

“It was a tremendous effort. We really can’t repeat this process, it is untenable,” Director Resnick said. “35 people across almost four months full time, you start adding up the resource costs of that and that’s not something that we could do on an annual basis.”

The director stated that utilizing AI will help decrease the effort necessary to update cybersecurity plans in the future. He continued, “It became apparent to us that we need to automate this process. We need to put it in electronic form where we could actually apply AI tools to actually ask questions and to achieve answers based on the submissions.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Director Resnick to receive God’s guidance as he heads the Zero Trust Portfolio Management Office.
  • For U.S. military advisors as they support cyber security infrastructure enhancements.

Sources: Federal News Network, Executive Gov


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