Former U.S. Diplomat Pleads Guilty as Cuban Agent

Avoids severe espionage charges by accepting multiple lesser crimes

Former U.S. diplomat Manuel Rocha pled guilty to charges of conspiracy for working as a foreign agent for the government of Cuba. The former diplomat worked at the Department of State for two decades, serving at top posts in Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, and the White House. After leaving his position, he became an advisor to U.S. Southern Command.

The FBI arrested Rocha in December 2023 after finding evidence that he aided the Cuban government for his entire service, which could have resulted in greater espionage charges. However, District Court Judge Beth Bloom offered Rocha a generous plea deal, dropping 13 counts of wire fraud and false statements in exchange for cooperation with the Department of Justice.

Though the FBI found proof of Rocha’s involvement with Cuba, officials do not know the extent of Rocha’s counterintelligence. Peter Lapp, an FBI expert in Cuban espionage, called the plea deal a win-win, saying, “The U.S. will be able to conduct a full damage assessment that it wouldn’t be able to do without his cooperation.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Justice Department officials as they bring charges against officials who have engaged in treacherous conduct.
  • For FBI Director Wray and the agents who investigate individuals involved in foreign espionage.

Sources: VOA News, AP


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