12 Additional Criminal Charges Brought Against Senator Menendez

He continues to maintain his innocence.

Federal prosecutors brought an additional 12 criminal charges against Senator Bob Menendez on Tuesday, bringing the total charges against him to 16.  

One of the senator’s co-defendants, Jose Uribe, recently accepted a plea deal to cooperate with investigators, providing new information about the bribes allegedly offered to and accepted by the New Jersey senator. This information was the foundation of the new charges, which now charge Senator Menendez with obstruction of justice and bribery on top of the preexisting conspiracy charges.

Senator Menendez remains in the U.S. Senate, insisting on his innocence despite pressure from his colleagues and constituents to resign. “The latest charge reveals far more about the government than it says about me,” the senator said.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Senator Menendez to be honest and transparent about his dealings with other nations.
  • For Justice Department officials as they continue to investigate the allegations against the senator.

Sources: Reuters, Jurist


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