Admiral Lisa Franchetti, Chief of Naval Operations

Admiral Lisa Franchetti

Chief of Naval Operations

Lisa Marie Franchetti was born in April 1964 in Rochester, New York. She earned an undergraduate degree at Northwestern University, attended the Naval War College, and received a master’s from the University of Phoenix.

Admiral Franchetti served as commander of ships and a squadron before promotion to flag rank. She was appointed to commander of naval forces in Korea and of two carrier strike groups and commanded the U.S. Sixth Fleet. She has held other command posts over naval forces in Europe and Africa as well.

She served as deputy chief and vice chief of naval operations before becoming acting Chief of Naval Operations. President Biden nominated her to the position in July 2023, the Senate confirmed her in November and she was sworn into office.

She is married to James Sievert and has a daughter.

In the News…

Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Lisa Franchetti said that more than 70 drones and seven Houthi cruise missiles have been destroyed by U.S. warships since the Israel-Hamas war began.

At the annual West 2024 conference in San Diego, she also reported that 14 anti-ship ballistic missiles launched by Houthi rebels in Yemen have been shot down by destroyers in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea. The Houthis have used these ballistic missiles against both commercial and military ships.

The admiral described the situation as historic as this is believed to be the first time that these anti-ship missiles have been deployed in a conflict.


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