House Speaker Says No Foreign Aid Before Domestic Issues Are Addressed

He reiterates his pledge not to bring the Senate-passed package to the House floor.

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson of Louisiana, stated on Wednesday that the $95 billion foreign aid package is not what the American people want. He stated that legislators need to focus on domestic issues instead.

“We’re going to continue to demand that before we take care of issues all around the world we take care of our own first,” Speaker Johnson said. “That is what resonates in the hearts of the American people. We are on their side. It’s the side of common sense. It’s the side of security, side of stability.”

The House minority may force a vote through a procedural measure, known as a discharge position.

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries stated, “The American people deserve an up or down vote, and we will use every available legislative tool to get comprehensive national security legislation over the finish line.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Speaker Johnson to be led by God as he heads the House of Representatives.
  • For members of the House minority as they consider forcing a vote on the Senate foreign aid package.
  • For the peace of Jerusalem and wisdom for U.S. and Israeli officials.

Sources: Reuters, VOA News


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