Legislation Would Prohibit Federal Funds for Minor Gender Transitions

Over 40 representatives co-sponsored the bill to prevent taxpayer dollars from being used for transgender procedures on minors.

Congressman Rich McCormick of Georgia introduced the Protecting Resources Of Taxpayers to Eliminate Childhood Transgender Surgeries (PROTECTS) Act to stop federal funds for use on gender transition procedures to minors. More than 40 representatives joined in co-sponsoring the legislation.

“American tax dollars should never be used to mutilate children,” said Congresswoman Tenney of New York. “Radical pro-transgender policies continue to be pushed on our children, threatening their well-being and safety. Not only are gender transition procedures dangerous, but irreversible, making legislation to prevent the federal government from supporting these surgeries critical. The PROTECTS Act ensures that tax dollars are not used to fund these procedures on our nation’s youth.”

“The majority of America can agree that the federal government should not be funding sex change procedures for minors, said Congressman McCormick. “Children do not have the cognitive development to make life-altering decisions. The PROTECTS Act is a great first step in addressing a fundamental problem that the US government should be no part of.”  

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For members of the House of Representatives as they seek to protect minors from harm and stop the use of federal funds toward gender transition procedures.
  • For state officials as they pass laws regarding transgender interventions on minors.

Sources: Tenney.House.gov


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