House Places a Freeze on $6 Billion for Iran

The funds were released by the administration earlier this year to free five American prisoners.

The House of Representatives passed legislation late last week that would require the permanent freezing of the $6 billion to Iran that President Biden’s administration had released in September to free five Americans who were imprisoned there. Representative Michael McCaul of Texas, who chairs the House Foreign Affairs Committee, introduced the No Funds for Iranian Terrorism Act that would permanently freeze the funds.

“Congress will stop this money from going into Iran, not just for politics, not even for the American people, but for the victims of terrorism around the world, especially the people of Israel,“ Congressman McCaul stated. “I remain deeply concerned that the administration’s decision to waive sanctions to facilitate the transfer of $6 billion in funds for Iran, the world’s top state sponsor of terrorism, creates a direct incentive for America’s adversaries to conduct future hostage-taking.“

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Representative McCaul and his colleagues as they endeavor to stem the flow of money from the U.S. to Iran.
  • For wisdom for members of the Senate as they consider the No Funds for Iranian Terrorism Act.

Sources: The Hill, Daily Mail


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