Issue 622 – Verse of the Week

November 23rd – November 29th, 2023


Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law.     Psalm 119:18

Eyes Wide Open

Famous French impressionist painter Claude Monet suffered from cataracts which were slowly blinding him. To execute the much-appreciated water lily painting, he would look at the lily pond again and again, in every kind of light, until his brain memorized all that he saw, and he could paint. If you visit that same lily pond in Giverny and squint, you’ll see the flowers as Monet saw them—impressionistically! Spiritual cataracts can cloud the vision God wants you to have. Faith is the illuminating light that allows your spiritual eyes to see.  Pray as the psalmist did for wide-open eyes to discover many wonders in the Bible you might not see without enhanced spiritual vision. Saturate your mind with Bible truths and expect more revelations from the Lord each time you do. 

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