SCOTUS Hears Case on Preventing Domestic Abusers from Owning Guns

Justices question how to clarify legal language regarding firearm restrictions.

The justices of the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case regarding gun ownership restriction. They questioned how best to clarify legal language so that firearms are not owned by people with dangerous histories.

Last year, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals struck down a law prohibiting known domestic abusers from owning firearms, claiming that the law violated the Second Amendment. This ruling was based on language established in three prior Supreme Court rulings, in which it was specified that “not responsible” people should not be allowed to own firearms under the First Amendment.

The case was appealed by President Biden’s administration to the Supreme Court, where the justices must now address the language imposed by their own court.

Chief Justice John Roberts admitted that the word “responsible” created a category too broad for his liking. He said perhaps changing the language from “responsible” to “dangerous” would specify those who pose a mortal danger to others with firearms in their possession, a suggestion that Justice Amy Coney Barrett echoed.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For wisdom for the justices of the Supreme Court as they deliberate the firearm restriction for domestic abusers.
  • For Cheif Justice Roberts to seek God’s guidance as he presides over the high court.

Sources: Reuters, NY Times


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