Issue 620 – National Prayer Needs

Additional National Prayer Needs

Pray for America’s Military

Recruitment in the military branches has continued to lag. In response, some military-based publications, such as the Army War College’s quarterly journal, are suggesting the consideration of a reinstatement of the draft. 

Pray for U.S. military leaders and officials as they assess the extent of America’s overall military readiness and whether or not the all-volunteer military should be expanded with mandatory service. 


Russia bombed Odessa damaging an art museum and warehouses a day after Ukraine destroyed a Russian missile carrier warship at a shipyard in the Crimea. Ukraine also targeted a Russian ammo depot on the east coast of the Azov Sea in the Donetsk region. 

Pray for wisdom for U.S. leaders as they continue to propose and send aid to Ukraine in what a Ukrainian general has called a “stalemate” in the war. 


Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law withdrawing ratification of the global treaty banning nuclear weapons tests. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated, “Russia’s action will only serve to set back confidence in the international arms control regime.”

Pray for discernment for President Biden and members of his administration as they evaluate the risk of the nuclear threat from Russia.


The House Committee on Oversight and Accountability has launched an investigation into shortages of a growing number of prescription drugs. The committee is looking into how this shortage is being addressed by the Food and Drug Administration. 

Pray for members of the committee as they probe the federal agency’s role in monitoring drug shortages and establishing mitigation strategies. 


The leader of the Hamas terror group, whose headquarters are in Qatar, held a meeting with the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei of Iran in Tehran, although no formal statements about discussions have been made. While Iran has denied any connection with Hamas’ attacks on Israel on October 7, the state news reported that the Ayatollah “emphasized Tehran’s consistent policy of supporting the Palestinian resistance forces against the Zionist occupiers.” 

Pray for Israeli leaders and people as they defend their nation against the threats of annihilation from Hamas and neighboring Arab nations. 


A new report from the Alliance for Consumers shows that recently enacted energy rules and regulations have significantly increased the costs of many everyday items. The report indicated that the rise has been upwards of $9,000 per household. 

Pray for U.S. regulators as their governance adds to inflationary pressures on items from light bulbs and air conditioners to ceiling fans and gas stoves. 

Pray for Goodness in America

In Virginia, a group of homeschooled students held a memorial for Medal of Honor recipient Father Emil Kapaun, a Korean War-era chaplain and Army captain. At a wreath-laying ceremony in Arlington National Cemetery’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the students honored him for being a “courageous man of God,” and a role model to this day. 

Give thanks for students who acknowledge the faith and patriotism of others. 

Pray for Needs Across the States

Legislators in South Carolina have asked Governor Henry McMaster to investigate years of mismanagement of the state’s schools. The officials called the leaders of the school district incompetent and neglectful.

A resident, who lives near a school, is challenging a Montana gun control law. The law makes it a felony to possess a firearm within 1,000 feet of a school and the gun owner’s home is within the gun-free zone. 

Pray for state officials and school regulators as they seek the safety of children and best outcomes from their education. 

Pray for America’s Faith Community

“No one wanted to wake up to war in what was already a tinderbox of the world order. But war has come, and we should recognize terrorism for what it is. We should also recognize the justice of a forceful response to that terrorism. However we read the prophecy passages of the Bible, and however we disagree on world politics, American Christians ought to stand together with Israel now.“ – Russell Moore, Editor in Chief, Christianity Today, October 2023 

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