Judge J.P. Boulee, Northern Georgia U.S. District Court

Judge J.P. Boulee

Northern Georgia U.S. District Court

John Paul “J.P.” Boulee was born in January 1971 in Kankakee, Illinois. He earned an undergraduate degree from Washington and Lee University, where he participated in the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. He earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Georgia School of Law. He served eight years with the United States Army in both the 101st Airborne Division and the Judge Advocate General’s Corps. He entered private practice. 

Boulee was a judge of the Dekalb County, Georgia, Superior Court, by appointment of the governor. 

President Donald Trump nominated Boulee for a seat on the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia. His nomination expired before it could be acted upon and President Trump renominated him. After a cloture vote, he was confirmed by the Senate and received his judicial commission in June 2019. 

In the News…

Officials in Georgia requested the U.S. District Court grant a preliminary injunction blocking provisions of a Georgia law on election integrity. Their request was refused for lack of evidence. 

Judge J.P. Boulee writing for the court said the complainants “failed to show a substantial likelihood of success on the merits to their claims that the provisions” of an election integrity law “intentionally discriminate against black voters in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment, Fifteenth Amendment and Section 2 of the [Voting Rights Act].” 

Judge Broulee noted that the plaintiffs “presented no evidence that black registered voters fail to have the other acceptable forms of identification allowed by the statute at a statistically higher rate than white voters.” 

“These other forms of identification include utility bills, bank statements, paychecks, and other government documents that include a name and an address,” Judge Boulee wrote. “Ultimately, without this additional evidence, the Court cannot find at this time that the Identification Provision has a disparate impact on black voters.” 

The court also dismissed claims relating to dropbox regulations, absentee ballot request deadlines, and provisional ballot rules. It is not clear if the case will be appealed. 

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The Honorable J.P. Boulee 
Northern Georgia U.S. District Court 
1988 Richard B. Russell Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse 
75 Ted Turner Drive SW 
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