Issue 617 – Federal Branches

Praying for Our Leaders in Government

Executive Branch: Pray for the President and his Administration

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm announced that $7 billion is being given to seven regional “hubs” around the nation to produce hydrogen energy. She said the effort addresses climate change while creating jobs. 

Pray for the president and energy secretary as they pursue the use of hydrogen as an alternative form of energy in industries such as aviation and steel manufacturing. 

Legislative Branch: Pray for Senators and Representatives in Congress

Representative Cory Mills of Florida, and his team, successfully evacuated 32 Americans who had been stranded in Israel and unable to find flights home. He aided them in crossing the border into Jordan and was able to arrange flights back to the U.S. He said, “There’s thousands of people that are still trapped there… and I hope to get a lot more tomorrow.” 

Pray for State Department officials as they field requests from Americans who are stranded in Israel and for Representative Mills and others who are helping them evacuate.


The House Judiciary Committee has requested that the Department of Homeland Security provide data on their disclosure that 99 percent of illegal migrants who have entered the U.S. are not being tracked and the government has lost contact with them. 

Pray for legislators who are trying to provide immigration oversight and address national security amid the disarray of the administration admitting but not tracking migrants entering the U.S. 

Judicial Branch: Pray for Supreme Court Justices and Federal Judges

A federal district court judge entered a temporary injunction against the ban on pistol braces by President Biden’s administration. The judge said plaintiffs would likely succeed with their case on its merits and the ban likely violates the Second Amendment. 

Pray for judges across the country as they hear cases and rule on the numerous regulations being put into place by the president’s administration. 

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