VA Seeks to Protect Veterans From Benefit Fraud

Online resource and outreach efforts are being made to protect veterans from scammers and promote benefit security.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has initiated a campaign to address benefit-related fraud. The program has been launched due to concerns that the rapid expansion of assistance in the past year might attract more scammers targeting vulnerable veterans.

The effort features a new online resource that offers guidance to veterans on recognizing scams, reporting suspicious activities, and accessing free benefits assistance. The information will be integrated into veterans’ regular healthcare appointments and interactions with benefits processors. VA Secretary Denis McDonough emphasized the importance of informing veterans about this initiative, making it readily available to them through regional offices and medical center teams.

“Any time there’s new benefits or new money that’s been allocated to individuals, there’s an opportunity for fraudsters and scamsters to come in,” said Deputy Chief of Staff Maureen Elias. “What we are seeing is a large increase in unaccredited service reps who are charging veterans to file their initial claim.”

In the current fiscal year, the VA has investigated around 12,500 potential benefits fraud cases and supported 1,164 victims of benefits scams. Some of these cases are linked to the PACT Act which provides benefits for those who have suffered toxic exposure during military active duty.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Secretary McDonough to seek God’s wisdom as he leads the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • For VA officials as they work to safeguard veterans’ benefits from scammers.
  • For veterans whose health has been compromised by toxic exposure while in the military.

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