Bill Would Grant Members of Congress Access to Executive Branch Buildings 

Congressman Alford stated that there should be nothing to hide.

The Congressional Access to Bureaucratic Offices (CABO) Act has been introduced in the House by a group of legislators led by Representative Mark Alford of Missouri. Access during regular business hours would also extend to congressional staff. Access would be included even during declared emergencies, such as COVID. 

Prior to introducing the bill, Representative Alford stated, “As members of Congress, one of our primary functions is to perform oversight over the Executive Branch. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, federal agencies have refused access to members of Congress. We have been thwarted at every turn. If they have nothing to hide, why will they not allow us in?”  

He added, “It is time for that to change. We must ensure transparency and accountability at all levels of American government. In order for that to happen, Congress must have access to the agencies. The CABO Act will guarantee this happens.” 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Congressman Alford and his colleagues as they seek transparency from the Executive Branch.
  • For the president and his Cabinet members as they conduct government business.
  • For the Lord to work out His purposes in and through the United States government.

Sources: Daily Caller, Missouri Times 


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