EPA Announces $100 Million for Recycling 

It is the largest recycling investment in 30 years. 

The Environmental Protection Agency announced it is putting more than $100 million in funds under the infrastructure law toward recycling. 

Twenty-five communities will receive $73 million to improve waste management systems. Of that, about 76 percent is intended to go to projects in disadvantaged communities. The remaining funds will help states and territories plan and collect data. 

EPA Deputy Administrator Janet McCabe said, “This will allow resources to be used more efficiently and will reduce the impact that waste materials have on our planet and the climate.” 

Environmental groups say most plastic, in particular, is not recycled. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For EPA Deputy Administrator McCabe as she facilitates the funding of recycling initiatives.
  • For Administrator Regan to seek God’s guidance as he oversees the EPA.
  • For the president and administrator officials to be led by the Lord in their climate intervention endeavors.

Sources: The Hill, Environmental Protection Agency


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