President Updates Uniform Code of Military Justice 

His executive order implements reforms passed by Congress last year.

The 1950 Uniform Code of Military Justice has been amended by executive order of President Joe Biden. The update moves relevant decision-making authority from commanders to independent and specialized military prosecutors for cases that involve serious crimes including sexual assault, child abuse, ethnic violence, and murder. 

The reforms set up a new Office of Special Trial Counsel to be effective December 27. Decisions they render will be independent of the chain of command. 

These changes were authorized by Congress in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2022. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the president to seek God’s direction as he and his administration determine what executive orders to issue.
  • For U.S. military leaders and commanders as the updated Uniform Code of Military Justice is implemented.
  • For healing for military personnel and veterans who have been the victims of serious criminal acts while serving in the Armed Forces.

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