EPA Proposes Rule on Portable Gas Generators

The agency seeks to restrict carbon emissions.

The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed a new rule under which the Consumer Product Safety Commission would tighten carbon monoxide emissions standards for portable gas generators of all sizes. Generators would be required to turn off when a certain level of emissions was reached.

“The draft proposed rule is likely to have a significant adverse economic impact on only one of four identified small manufacturers of portable generators,” according to the proposal. “It is unlikely to have a significant direct impact on small portable generator importers.” 

Presently, nearly five million American households use portable gas generators for power in emergencies and on construction sites. The proposed rule is now within the public comment time period.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For EPA Administrator Michael Regan to seek God’s wisdom as he heads the agency.
  • For officials in the agency to be discerning as they receive feedback and input on the proposed generator emissions rule.

Sources: Daily Caller, Washington Free Beacon 


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