White House Holds Methane Emissions Summit

The Cabinet-level task force will direct methane reduction efforts.

The White House held its first methane summit this week, announcing the establishment of the Methane Task Force, a Cabinet-level office that will organize a “whole-of-government approach” to reduce emissions caused by methane leaks in the United States.

“Methane leaks amount to billions of dollars’ of wasted natural gas every year,” the White House stated. “Methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, is 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide and can lead to serious public health impacts, from asthma to cancer to premature deaths. Methane is responsible for one-third of the warming impacts millions of Americans are experiencing right now,” the White House added.

The summit was attended by a number of stakeholders, where they focused on how international collaboration, more accurate leak reporting, and easy-to-execute tasks such as plugging orphan wells can also reduce the amount of methane produced by the U.S.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the director of the new task force that will seek to reduce methane emissions.
  • For the president and administration officials as they pursue climate issues.
  • For God’s purposes to be accomplished in this nation.

Sources: The Hill, The White House


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