Congress Seeks Common Ground on Government Funding

Federal budget as well as farm bill and FAA authorizations due by September 30.

The current year’s budget was finally passed by Congress on June 5 after much debate and a seven-month delay. House legislators now face an arduous path to the next annual budget. 

Congress has until September 30 to pass the federal budget for the coming year. Some among the majority party are unhappy with the compromises House Speaker Kevin McCarthy made regarding the budget. The recesses over the 4th of July and part of the month of August are putting Congress in a time crunch, leaving only six weeks in session to negotiate and pass the next budget.

Congress could pass a continuing resolution (CR) to fund the government and avert a shutdown until an official budget is passed, but some representatives are opposed to relying on this option. “None of us want a CR in any form,” said Representative Clay Higgins of Louisiana stated. He added that a continuing resolution would support policies “that are destroying our country.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Speaker McCarthy as he works to harmonize members of the House.
  • For the representatives in the House to work together for the good of the nation.
  • For senators as they prepare their own version of budget legislation for the coming year.

Sources: The Hill, NBC News


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