House Committee Members Seek to Protect SNAP Funding

Some members write to the House speaker regarding the food program that is part of the farm bill. Certain members of the House Agriculture Committee wrote to Speaker…

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Congress Seeks Common Ground on Government Funding

Federal budget as well as farm bill and FAA authorizations due by September 30. The current year’s budget was finally passed by Congress on June 5 after much…

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Federal Budget Passage Signals SNAP Program Changes

Federal farm legislation renews food subsidy reform debates. The recently passed federal budget expands work requirements for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the federal government’s food security…

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Senate Responds to Mexico Ban of GMO Corn

Agriculture committee members call for enforcement of USMCA. Every five years, Congress passes the farm bill that sets America’s standards for agriculture, nutrition, forestry, and conservation. The Senate…

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