U.S. Power Grid Reliability is at Risk

Watchdog reports that two-thirds of North America could experience power outages this summer.

President Biden’s administration has promoted a reliance on green energy instead of coal and gas. The North American Electric Reliability Corporation has reported that this transition is resulting in an elevated risk of summer blackouts. The electric grid watchdog published an assessment for summertime reliability for 2023, finding that two-thirds of North America could face power outages during periods of extreme heat. 

“The system is closer to the edge,” NERC director of reliability assessment and performance analysis John Moura said. “More needs to be done.” 

New regulations on power plants put in place by the Environmental Protection Agency may be nearly impossible to meet, and some plants are choosing to close rather than comply. 

The CEO of American Power said, “Coal is more than five times as dependable as wind and more than twice as dependable as solar when electricity demand is greatest. Yet bad public policy and EPA regulations are forcing the closure of coal plants.” 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Assistant Secretary of Electricity Gene Rodrigues to seek God’s wisdom as he fills his role.
  • For Secretary Granholm to be discerning in her leadership of the Energy Department.
  • For the president and his administration as they promote an accelerated transition to renewable energy.

Sources: Washington Free Beacon, Washington Post 


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