Issue 595 – Verse of the Week

May 18th – May 24th, 2023


He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God.   Psalm 40:3

Your Song for Today

In their suggestions for getting your day off right with a routine, the Gundersen Health System includes music.  A song in the morning “has been proven to boost your mood… energize you… improve  your mental focus, reduce stress, and make you happier… improving your morning outlook.” The psalmist David knew the power of music and, in today’s verse, he says it is God who gave him a new song—one of praise to the Lord. That it was put into his mouth meant that he vocalized it, he sang it aloud, so it would not only run through his mind but would enter other sectors of his brain as it came back through his ears! The American Heart Association reports that singing can boost your circulation as well as your mood, and improve your lungs as you breathe. Let God put a new song in your mouth today, one that praises Him, drawing you closer to Him in another blessed benefit for your soul. Thank Him for music in the morning! 

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