50 Federal Staffers Hit with Spyware, Prompting Executive Order

The internal government review will look to find the source.

At least 50 federal government officials in 10 different countries were found to have been targeted by spyware, prompting a quick executive order from President Joe Biden to address the source of the hack. The executive order kicked off a widespread internal review of the incident, hoping to uncover how widespread the attack was and how best to prevent it.

The order also places new restrictions on what computers and software can be purchased by government agencies. Recent cybersecurity reports have shown that certain spywares have been sold to governments across the globe, where those governments have used the spyware to attack various critics of their administrations.

“We needed to have a standard where if we know that a company is selling to a country that is engaged in these outlined activities, that in and of itself is a red flag,” a senior administration official said to Reuters.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That this executive order effectively addresses this most recent spyware attack.
  • That U.S. intelligence quickly uncovers exactly what was attacked and how it was accomplished.
  • That President Biden continues to push for a strong cyberdefense in the age of technology.

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